16 Disney Characters That Were Reincarnated as Humans

The original works of Walt Disney were one of the greatest works of all time. Each of his work whether it was on characters, animation, writing, or voice acting, it was a gem and still is considered to be the best. Here are some of the Disney characters that were turned from an animal into humans. These characters were reimagined and brought back to the Disney franchise.

Disney Duchess and Thomas

These 70s classic characters were quite famous couples back then. Duchess was the main protagonist in the famous animated classic “The Aristocats”. Duchess was deeply in love with Thomas and both cats showed affection towards each other.

Disney Duchess and Thomas
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Simba and Nala

These characters were in the animated movie “The Lion King” which was the top-grossing movie of 1994. Simba and Nala shared romantic and lovely affections in the movie. The main protagonist was Simba and Nala was his best friend who became his wife in the end.

Disney Simba and Nala
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Nala and Simba

The artist truly humanized both these Disney characters with great imaginative precision. The way Nala is leaning on Simba’s shoulder is truly imaged on both the images and this artist brought new insights to this story by art.

Disney Nala and Simba
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Dory from Discovering Nemo

Here the artist made a beautiful portrait of what a human dory would look like. Dory is a forgetful fish and looks glamourous even in human form. The artist beautifully used the color patterns to resemble the character of the portrait.

Disney Dory from Finding Nemo
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Disney  Marie

This artist made the cute character Marie from the animated classic “The Aristocats” cuter in the human form. He carefully used the colors to resemble the white fur of the cat and with great expertise, he uses the ribbon to make the character more lovely.

Disney Marie
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Sven and Olaf

These Disney characters were first seen in the top-grossing animated movie “Frozen.” Both the characters shared a unique friendship bond and the artist did a great job displaying this in this art. Olaf and even look like friends in the human versions.

Disney Sven and Olaf
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Bernard and Bianca

Both these characters are from the popular animated movie of 1977 “The Rescuers.” Bernard is the mouse who reluctantly joins Bianca in a rescue mission. Bernard despite being just a janitor was chosen by Miss Bianca as her co-agent. They both look adorable in their human form too.

Disney Bernard and Bianca
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Jaq and Gus

Jaq and Gus are a pair of mice who appeared in Cinderella and its two sequels as the two deuteragonists. The artist did a very good job humanizing both these characters. After all, they were close companions to Cinderella.

Disney Jaq and Gus
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Lady from the animated feature film “Lady and the Tramp” is still adored today. And this dog’s iconic ears were also a trending hairstyle once. This 1955 classic character was beautifully humanized keeping the ears style in mind.

Disney Lady
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Kida Nedakh

The main female protagonist Kida Nedakh from “Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Atlantis II” looks even better beautiful and more realistic in this art form. The artist really gave a beautiful transformation to the disney character in its realistic form.

Disney Kida Nedakh
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Lady and the Tramp

The artist this time humanizes both the disney characters in a funny way. Lady in human form still looks innocent and tramp still looks like a stray. But still, the romantic chemistry was preserved by the artist when he made them humans.

Disney Lady and the Tramp
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Flounder from “The Little Mermaid”

This character is from 1989 from the classic popular film “the little mermaid.” Flounder was Ariel’s best friend in the movie and takes part in finding the melody. The artist tried his best to give flounder a human form in this image.

Disney Flounder from “The Little Mermaid”
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Simba with a Tarzan Disney look

This time the artist portrayed Simba in a Tarzan-type manner. The artist made a hybrid of Simba and Tarzan mixed together. And to give it a better look the artist made the human Simba wear what seems like Simba’s own skin.

Disney Simba with a Tarzan look
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Disney Jetsam and Flotsam

Both these electrical eels were the secondary villains in the Disney film “the little mermaid.” The artist gave a professional touch to keep the looks of these eels in human form so that they even look villainous in their human form.

Disney Jetsam and Flotsam
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Judy Hopps at your service

This cosplay-animated version of Judy looks cute in human form. Someone just made this Zootpia character more adorable in human form.

Disney Judy Hopps at your service
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A woman trying like an actual woman

Here the artist excellently made the human form of the lady character. It was an excellent use of colour and art.

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