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10 weight loss transformations bringing wow to your face.

Shedding some pounds can make a big difference in one’s look. It can easily make you look from a plain-looking guy to a hottie. We have compiled a list of 10 weight loss transformation images that will amaze you and prove that with a little hard work and discipline, exceptional weight loss can take place.

Linda Migliaccio – Binge eating disorder

Linda Migliaccio successfully lost 189 lbs; she was battling her weight since high school. She started dieting while she was 15, and for many years afterward, she was diagnosed with a binge eating disorder. She would do yo-yo dieting, which made her weight loss journey a constant struggle. She started a nutritional diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts which, made her lost weight and then kept it off.

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Ann Wulff – Pregnancy is not an excuse to gain

Ann was pregnant and, she felt like she had a pass to eat everything she wanted. Throughout her three pregnancies, she gained more than 100 lbs and, the weight kept going from there and eventually hitting the scale by 360 lbs. She was in denial about her weight and simple work like walking started to seem like a chore. She was in her mid 30’s when she started making the changes; she started by eating healthy and walking in her neighborhood. Her effort came into place and she lost 207 lbs.

Pregnancy is not an excuse to gain
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Alan Christiansen – If dedication had a face

At his highest 538.8 lbs, Alan realized that his relationship with food was toxic. His typical lunch consisted of stopping at three fast-food restaurants to satisfy his cravings that were totaling over 6k calories. He realized it when he couldn’t even stand up in the shower for ten minutes and, he needed a chair even for doing dishes and cooking required a chair. His 3 and 5 years old daughter pushed him to lose weight and became a better version of himself. He successfully lost 317 lbs.

If dedication had a face
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Shamirum Benjamin – Midnight dessert sneaker 

At the age of nine, she started sneaking pieces of pound cake from the fridge. The urge; of hiding her food became strong when she hit her adult life by then, she used to order entire meals from two fast-food restaurants at a single time. She changed her mindset when she realized that losing weight is a successful way to live life. After her four years of struggle, she has lost 151 lbs.

Midnight dessert sneaker
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Janine Johnston– motivation enough to lose weight

Janine Johnston lost 145 lbs and, her eyes opened when she tried the wedding dress she had ordered online and, the dress was a misfit. She knew at that time that she had to make some changes in her lifestyle. In June 2016, her weight was 299 lbs and, she set a goal to lose 100 lbs by her wedding which was a year later. She started by making a healthier meal and setting a daily step goal on her Fit Bit. Once the weight loss, she felt more confident in her skin and, she reached her fitness goal five days before her wedding.

Wedding bells- motivation enough to lose weight
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Nicole Ferrigno – Chips- a normal side dish

Nicole Ferrigno became a hottie when she realized that chips were not a normal side dish. Growing up she thought that chips were a normal side dish and she used to have pasta thrice a week. She was a habitual eater and her weight loss journey started when she saw an ad for Beachbody’s “21 Day Fix” that was combined, with portion control and 30 minutes of exercise per day. By December 2017 she has reached her goal weight of 146 pounds since then she has lost 204 lbs in total.

Chips- a normal side dish
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Simone Anderson – Pushing through the pain

Simone Anderson lost 202 lbs while going through her weight loss struggle. She put the work in and, the results were shocking. She was willing to push herself through the pain to become a better version of herself.

Pushing through the pain
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Kate writer – Nine month transformation

In nine months, she lost 264 lbs by constant struggle. She is looking like a different person, proving once again that consistency is the key to achieving anything. She truly is an inspiration to many.

Nine month transformation
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JJennifer Riverira – Easy is not always right

Jennifer lost 76 lbs; when she realized that fast food that was easy for her was the reason behind her tiring nature. She had completely given up hope, but after she knew the reason, she cut out all the greasy food from her diet and substitutes in meal replacement shakes and also loss weight.

Easy is not always right
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Gwilym Pugh – Ambassador of David Beckham’s grooming brand

Pugh was 280 lbs and, he was an overweight person living a sedentary lifestyle. After 5-7 years of struggle, he lost extra weight and became a top-class model that is now an ambassador of David Beckham’s grooming brand. He has improved every aspect of his life, from physical to mental.

Ambassador of David Beckham’s grooming brand
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